Information for completing an online filing

Online filings are in a sense the same as a paper filing. They have the same requirements as paper filings but can save you valuable time by pre-filling the screen with the data we already have. The best part is they are available 24 hours a day.

Table of Contents:

System Requirements:
The following is required to do an online filing.
  • A browser supporting 128-bit encryption
  • JavaScripting must be turned on
  • You must allow per-session cookies
  • A Visa or Mastercard Credit Card. (Used to pay for filings that carry a fee)

What are per-session cookies and why do I need to accept them?

  • Per-session cookies are NOT stored on your hard drive and they do not contain any personal information whatsoever.
  • Per-session cookies are nothing more than a random, unique number generated when you first hit our site. Once you log in to the system this number is used to determine whether or not you are authorized to access a certain page.
  • A per-session cookies looks something like:
  • Per-session cookies disappear as soon as you close your browser or they will time-out after 20 minutes.

How an online filing works:
  • The first step to completing an online filing is to log-in to the system with your pre-assigned Customer Id Number (CID) and PIN. If you don't have a CID or can't remember what it is, please contact us and we'll be glad to give you that information.
  • Once you are logged in to the system you will be given a list of all forms that are available for filing over the internet. You may notice that not all available filings are listed. This is because not all filings may be filed over the internet. Those filings that are not listed must be filed on paper. A complete collection of downloadable forms are available here.
  • Select the filing you wish to complete by clicking on the name of the filing, then clicking the submit button. The form you select will be displayed and pre-filled with as much information as possible.
  • You must complete the form by entering all required information before the form can be submitted.  If you fail to enter required information the system will alert you and request that you enter the missing information.
  • Once all required information is entered and you click the submit button you will have an opportunity to review the information submitted.
  • If all the information looks correct, click the Accept button.
  • If the filing carries a fee you will need to enter credit card information to pay for the filing. Currently Credit Cards are the only way to pay for an online filing. If you do not have a credit card or do not wish to use a credit card, other payment options are available by completing a paper filing instead of an online filing. If you're not sure if a particular filing carries a fee you may view our Fee Schedule.
  • Once your credit card has been processed you will be given an acknowledge screen detailing information regarding the transaction. You may want to print this information for reference.
  • Once the credit card transaction is approved the filing is ready for approval by the Secretary of the Commonwealth. If for some reason your credit card transaction is not approved you will have the opportunity to log back into the system at any time, retrieve the information previously submitted, then re-submit it.
  • If your filing is reject by the Secretary of the Commonwealth you will be alerted either by mail, phone or email. You will then have the opportunity to log back into the system, retrieve the information previously submitted, correct it then re-submit it. You will not be prompted for payment as the filing has already been paid for.
Entering Data into an Online Form
    Data is entered on the form by positioning the cursor on the desired input field and typing. Use Tab, or a mouse action to move from field to field and Backspace to make corrections.

Problem with Data Types
    You might notice that some fields on the form won't accept your information. This happens when a field requests a specific type of data such as numeric only. Entering anything but numeric data will cause the forms internal validation to return an error therby stopping the form from being submitted.
Contact Information
    Contact information is required on all online forms. Name, Address and either a phone number or email address is required. This information becomes important if a filing is rejected or if there are other questions about the filing. This information is used internally only and is not made available to the public nor is it sold. For more information please see our Privacy Statement.

Form Specific Information
    For more specific information regarding individual filings visit our General Information Page. Here you'll find descriptions and definitions, requirements for specific filings, filing fees and more.